Friday, 19 January 2018

Air Pollution Catcher


Have I spent some time of thinking about my way of living? I do, mostly because I haven’t better thing to do. It’s fascinating when I know something useful. I needn’t have to wear a mask, owing to fact I didn’t know that the air was in normal. But if I check the info very often, probably I’ll move to the mountain for good.

First of all, I’ll be keen on the idea of develop healthy–living methods. Giving an example, a sort of detector for precise metering of the remaining time to inhabit heavily polluted regions. Yeah, I know that already almost everywhere has one of these, but are they bring commercial value? Usually they are stationary like integrated emission, immission and meteorological monitoring, gas detectors and gas-signaling systems, calibration systems, zone monitoring. The machines could be portable too. Gas monitor and analyzers, carbon dioxide detectors, aerosol, dust and gas sampling devices, indoor air monitoring devices, personal dust pumps. 
Of course, I wouldn’t buy that gadget if it costs as gold costs, so probably would be OK to make an app for doing that favour for less money (1$). Compared to big machine on your pocket for over 250$, the software solution will be more comfortable, but less exact. Anyways. I haven’t decided it yet.

My life’s mission is to resolve some problems, or to create them, or to get stuck on their reaching out. To my mind, the greatest feeling is when you be a pioneer in something. The hardest thing is to live by your highest standards and to make your words come actions. Having written that useless fragment-of-diary, no one will ever read, wouldn’t do the business. Uh, it’s unreasonable to ask you if you want to do that job for me, and then I take all of the glory. You have to accept that I’m practicing my grammar, as well.

Have you ever gone sponsored? If you ask me, the idea of creating new work over and over again isn’t unique, but it’s extremely stupid. This insanity don’t deserve investment, right? Otherwise, you doing better living area.

The water filtration it’s made by someone and if nowadays it’s easy to drink clean water, it could be possible to breathe perfect mountain air. We have bacilli to fighting for, it’s not necessary to have aggressive air enemies too.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Water Pollution

Anti-Dirt Web 

There are so many ways to be in help of the nature, but also there’re lots of compound situations in which we can’t do enough, even if we want to. One of this occasions is when we have medium or large business, that fact it has its difficulty to be strict in saving the water. However, we got great examples of industrial waste that not pollute the water. Down below the following link we'll see my idea about what we could try if we can’t complete the following steps:

POLICIES: All of that will cost us much more soon or later, for logically reasons.

ECO bins - Throwing garbage separately (not on the sewerage & not outside in the garden). It’s a good idea with strong positives if it’s done right. If we expect to recycle the trash qualitatively when the glass takes the place of the paper on street’s ECO bins – we will make the work much more difficult and for that reason – more expensive (for all of us).
Domestic and city caring - Totally mindless waste of resources is effect of unstopped water taps. When you see permanent pouring water from public fountains, etc. – yeah, nonsense losses. Cleaning with no biological agents is also a non-rational decision.
City and village maintaining - Another disadvantage of using water is maintenance of public green areas, although agricultural stuff, but if we accept that is necessarily, the only thing left is to avoid provoking the dirt on the ground. In that way we can take prevent actions for another pollution, so difficult to overcome.­

INDUSTRIES: Often we don’t think about the consequences, but it’s understandable not all of us have time to think about such things:

Oils – we all cook and see what’s happen in case we put oil in our soup (yuh). It’s all the same if we throw vegetable oilanimal fat or petrol (yes, the last one is poisonous), but oily materials helps garbage become one big ball of garbage. Huge massive deathful ball. It’s not funny for the fish we eat, or for our stomachs.
Chemicals – certainly that kills the earth, the crops and again all is soaked by the groundwater, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, etc.
Paints – you know what we eat when the food doesn’t have natural colour. We eat paint, but chemically treated natural paint in food is OK for our body, isn’t it? What about the paint for fabric products? Isn’t a good idea to be a component of the earth's water resources.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017


Air Pollution
Problem and release

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| Content Marketing | 02/12/17


As we all well-know all of the biggest environmental concerns are under our influence. Of course, there are so many man-hours spent for solving a lot of these micro-crises. But ordinary people always claim that nothing has changed, although a few of them are on the opposite side and state that everything is a much bigger mess than before.

So, where is the truth and the most important question – are we capable to survive after such crisis?
I will not give you the answers, but I hope to provoke an interest to learn more about the environment situation. It is not necessary to be a politician to pursue this subject, just you need to be curious.

The air we breathe is a bit poisonous aerosol filled with many particulates which are dangerous to inhale in large quantities. Some of these pollutants are nano-sized and extremely toxic for the health as the upper respiratory tract couldn’t act as a gate. Do you think that our immune system is strong enough to kill those enemies? As you can see on this picture, we have much more harmfulness to fight with.
I suggest to create a tiny invisible, easy put & removable mask for everyday use with no unpleasant face sweats.

Are you up to this idea?
Would you wear the described type of protector to keep your health in top form? I would gladly go through your anonymous answers on    

the poll. Your opinion will contribute for making a decision if the world needs a dirt release.

There are difficult choices to make and they all have connection with our habits and behaviors.
For making the Earth a better place to live, we have to accept that the time for natural regeneration is long-lasting but we are here for quite a short time. Let's take advantage it on it.

P.S.: Don’t miss the next free whitepaper for the water pollution with some extra suggestions for good benefits. If you’re interested, make some proposals for better content and you’ll read the best as you asked for.

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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Darkness for beginners

   When you surfing on the web sometimes you try to stay at private mode, but you already know that the incognito window will not hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address from the sites or from your network delivers. And now is the time to install the Tor browser, because it allows you to surf the web at hidden mode, at this way other people are not be able to track you. Please, look at the picture: That basically means that your identity is changing a lot of times and practically can't be followed.
  Act on the same logic you can also own your anonymous websites/e-commerce/blogs with no personal data declaration. Some enthusiasts say you can’t use the free market if you don’t have public visible address. Probably hackers would know the ways to stay undercover and set up your hidden business meetings. How about you? It can be legal, but it's up to you!

   If you’re not a pro, it may be have become dangerous to install other unknown webtools and applications, that certainly will damage your software and detect your identity. So, what would be the point to stay saved if you letting others to follow you? Some people recommends to immediately run VPN to double the protection layers, but the opposite side says that actually Virtual Private Network’s services records your information, and it could be used against you.

    One Tor’s disadvantage is safety concerns with your traffic is not encrypted between you and the first relay you go to. Also it’s not encrypted between the final relay that you the exit relay you’re coming out of in the website that you’re going to. It’s a little bit tricky, so be careful.

    May be you have to check out your state law to ensure yourself what could you do or not at you own country (the first is always less than you want). I believe that some illegal stuff are permitted at the other places and that is a fact. You should make informed choices, preventing someone to get busted you and impeach you for no reason.

    OK, guys, wish you safety and worthwhile diving in the debs of the virtual ocean. It’s amazing when you do realize what huge massive tumble of information you can find. Are you still believe that you’ve seen everything?

   Check the extra pptx. or docx. file I attach!122&parId=EA4F477A1E233F91!121&app=PowerPoint for your security and don't/let me know whatever your opinion is it.

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